FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the dress attire at Canaan?
A: We really desire to present our best before our God.  Our Sunday mornings tend to be both business casual and dress.  Our other opportunities tend to be more casual.

Q: How Will I Know Where To Go When I Get To Canaan?
A: Look for the Welcome Center and the Guests parking at the front entrance to the Sanctuary and Education Buildings at the center of the campus.  As you enter the Welcome Center you will be greeted by ministry volunteers at the Welcome Center who will lead you and your family to any area of interest.

Q:What Is Available For My Children?
A: We purposely plan opportunities for all age group areas.  Outside of Sunday morning Small Groups, we attempt to have something to help every age group to experience the love of God through their personal walk.

Q: What Type Worship Service Do You Have?
A: Both worship services on Sunday mornings are a well blended mixture of traditional and praise choruses that allow all who come to worship our Lord to do so.


Q: What are Service Times?
A: Sunday - Both worship and small group times (Sunday School) begin at 9AM and again at 10:30AM.
    Wednesday -